Steven Choi

The first Chinese who won the two highest honors, including winning in WIA Self-Initiated Professional Category and Grand Prix in JIA Illustration Award.

Steven, an emerging illustrator was born and raised in Hong Kong, and has engaged in art and illustration through self-study since he was a teenager. His illustration includes Zu & Pi and the illustration of the same series. He is the first Chinese Illustrator officially authorized to illustrate Le Petit Prince and create a sequel to Le Petit Prince. He is also the first Chinese artist to collaborate and launch art toys with the Japanese renowned toy brand, Kaiyodo. 

He has been concurrently developing his individual art, exhibiting in Hong Kong and worldwide regularly. Since 2016, he has made the character, Pi more stereoscopic in his illustration, and has touched many people. In 2017, he even won numerous local and international awards, including the WIA Self-Initiated Professional Category Winner; the Golden A’ Design Award; the Grand Prix in JIA Illustration Award; Digital Printing (Poster) in Hong Kong Print Awards; and the best toy designer in ToySoul.  His awarded illustration was exhibited in Somerset House in the UK and had conducted a national tour. His work has now also stationed in Tate Modern, Louvre, and Centre Pompidou, etc.

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