Felix Ip

Felix Ip - comic and concept artist, illustrator and animation director from Hong Kong.

He is the former Creative and Movie Director for Imagi Animation Studios and Unicorn Animation Studios. Some of his major works included Zentrix, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, Astroboy and Monkey King Reloaded.

For the past six years, he has participated in over 32 publications with 22 personal art books published in France, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Mainland China, Taiwan and Thailand. The martial art adapted novel comic Blood and Steel won “The Best Adult Comic Golden Dragon Award” in 2012.

One of his most renowned works HongKong Machines which features a series of “rustic” robots with the infusion of his childhood nostalgic memories. In 2018, the book has won “The Best Artbook Award” under the Asia Pacific Animation & Comics category.  And same year The Litter Boxbot & Trashman won “The Best Toy Award” at the Toy Soul Exhibition.

Felix approaches his artwork using very powerful brush strokes but infusing them with delicate emotions. Many readers find his unique style immensely charming. The HongKong Machines series is the most popular among his works and greatly supported by the public and various enterprises. To expand more potential markets, he will continue to create and extend this series in the future

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