With a childhood divided between Hong Kong and Canada, Pucky grew up between two cultures, which prompted her to explore creatively the value of identity and the meaning of belonging. After graduation from Emily Carr University of Art + Design in Vancouver in 2008, she returned to Hong Kong, where she works as a freelance artist and illustrator, and eventually created her own brand “Pucky”.

Pucky had mainly focused on drawing and painting until she started learning to make 3D sculptures in 2012, and from here on she started exploring the world of 3D creations, making and producing various sculptures and art toys. In 2017, Pucky collaborated with popmart on what will become a popular series of pucky fairies blindboxes, liked by many people of different ages around the world.  In 2021, Pucky returned to the world of fine art, where she held her first solo exhibition Crystal Island.  Pucky's work is a combination of cute and dark, showing an integrated harmony where opposites like good and evil or love and fear, co-exist.

She is deeply inspired by the wonders and mysteries of the world and her drawings are strongly affected by the beauty of their history, science and the romance. She draws to communicate these feelings in her own visual language and through different types of media including sculpture, paintings, animation, story telling etc.

Participating designers
Mizola Ma
Pat Lee
Ma Fai
Husky Kevin
Foon Wong
Wilson Ma
Felix Ip
Jeffery Yau
Lam Pei
Micky Mic
Nicolas Lesaffre
Ryan Lee
Spooky Work
Steven Choi