IXTEE Production was established in 2005, they create their dolls on innovative design concepts and high-end production. They are famous in unique doll design and impeccable fashion accessories.

In 2008, IXTEE opened their first store in Hong Kong. And their products are available in Europe, America, and Asia markets.

In the past few years, from 2017 to 2019, IXTEE have been attended many toy shows all over the world, such as Thailand Toy Expo, Shanghai Toy Show, Beijing Toy Show, Hong Kong ACG comic con, Hong Kong Toy Soul & Dollism etc. They also collaborated with different brands including Pop Mart and Shoppe. 

In 2010, IXTEE started to design and develop their own dolls Mui-chan and Fai chai who are the twins with different expressions faceplate doll. The dolls are with ball joint and by hand made.

Mui-chan is a 3-year-old girl who is the core character. Mini Mui-chan, extended series, dedicated a daily story behind each style. Later,  Mini Mui-chan was modified and upgraded  to AMMC.

Apart from Mui-chan, a new doll series Hachichi was created too. It is an 8inch height vinyl doll with the concept of the 8-year-old Mui-chan with assorted colors of root hair creating fashionable and cute girl style.

Ma Fai
Participating designers
Mizola Ma
Pat Lee
Ma Fai
Husky Kevin
Foon Wong
Wilson Ma
Felix Ip
Jeffery Yau
Lam Pei
Micky Mic
Nicolas Lesaffre
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