Jeffery Yau

Jeffery Yau - a senior graphic designer and world-renowned crayfish master. Deeply influenced by his passion for Anime and Sci-Fi movies when he grew up, Jeffery entered the advertising industry after graduation from a design major. He formed his own design company after resigning as a creative director. He has been engaged in graphic design, brand planning and exhibitions for years.

He co-founded the trendy brand shop “Stussy HK Tribe”. Driven by a fanatical drive for crustaceans, Jeffery created the world-renowned crayfish speciality store "Crayfish Keepers" and published a book called CrayfishFever.

In 2018, he designed his first toy, OBA, the story was about the crayfish invaded by alien creatures. OBA gained a good reputation when debuted in the Thailand TTE exhibition in 2019.

Other successful works include Omeow and Gangstiger, the latest work. From graphic design to trendy brands, aquariums to toy creation, Jeffery has an indescribable sense of satisfaction and attraction, hoping to manifest all his ideas through toy creation continuously.

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