Ryan Lee

Ryan Lee was a personal trainer specialist on training and focus on health body build who also found RyanLeefitness since 2002 which is one-to-one personal trainer. Ryan is very knowledgeable and cares about the healthy situation on personal build at Hong Kong whose new way of training with mind concept not even design for personal use but it can also fit the majority of people very much. Public audiences can benefit greatly from his practical and theoretical wisdom. Within his more then ten years fitness experience, he created a physical-theory called ‘Muscle Mind’- stresses the mind's communication with the muscles and therefore work out is not equivalent to the traditional impression of body building. Muscle Mind is the key to health success that incorporates a sustainable lifestyle and eating habit, as well as a tailor-made style of work out. In return, it facilitates the mind-muscle communication in tremendous efficiency.

In 2009, Ryan created a character named, Rumbbell, serves as an ambassador of fitness to convey the message of health consciousness to the public. Ryan has collaborated with international cartoon characters, brands, and artists for different items.

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