Organised by the Innovative Entrepreneur Association (IEA) and supported by Create Hong Kong (CreateHK) of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region as the Lead Sponsor – “Let’s Unbox! 2022 Hong Kong Art Toy Story Exhibition, Thailand Chapter” will take place from 9th to 18th September 2022 at Bangkok, Thailand.

The first of its kind Hong Kong art toy exhibition in Thailand is designed under the “Let’s unbox” concept with four themed zones. The exhibition will showcase over 300 pieces of collectable original works from the renowned Hong Kong art toy designers. Spanning the past three decades since 1990s, the exhibits are Hong Kong classics and some of which are museum and auction-level collections that are rare to see in recent years.

You are cordially invited to “Unbox” the new chapter of Hong Kong art toy history and immerse into the authentic creativity and colorful world of Hong Kong original art toys in “Let’s Unbox! 2022 Hong Kong Art Toy Story Exhibition, Thailand Chapter”. See you there in September!
Exhibition Details:
Date: 9 – 18 September, 2022
Opening Time: 10:00am – 10:00pm

centralwOrld, Bangkok, Thailand 
(4 4/1-4/2 Rama I Rd, Pathum Wan,
Bangkok 10330, Thailand)

Fee: Free Admission
2022 Hong Kong Art Toy Story Exhibition, Thailand Chapter
Curator's Message
Events Schedule
Thematic Exhibition Zones
Four Thematic Exhibition Zones
“Let’s Unbox! 2022 Hong Kong Art Toy Story Exhibition, Thailand Chapter” Exhibition divides the public area of the central shopping center in Bangkok, Thailand into 4 four zones, namely “Amazing Art Toy Zone”, “Brilliant Art Toy Zone”, “Classic Art Toy Zone” and “Discovery Zone” with super fun and fascinating installations including larger than life-size toy boxes, giant size toy capsule machine and photo-perfect human size figurine (figurine or figurines?).

This unboxing journey towards Hong Kong original art toy features over 300 pieces of art toys, among other precious photos, magazines and videos that can illustrate every glorious moment of Hong Kong art toy’s history. Apart from the exciting exhibits, there is also an interactive AR (augmented reality) photo-shooting area. All these bound to arouse a lot of interests and excitements among kidults and toy fans, and even general public, of Thailand and other ASEAN regions.

Renowned Hong Kong art toy designers will also present in-person or online during the exhibition period via various interactive activities, such as talks, workshops, autograph sessions, Art Battle etc. to bring more memorable moments to the participants and toy lovers from Asia.
The Amazing Art Toy Zone features seven acclaimed Hong Kong art toy designers’ iconic works. In each individual giant toy box with art works, sketches and latest creation of the exhibiting designers, visitors can learn about these aspiring designers’ brands and their uniqueness, style, creativities and design concepts .
Amazing Art Toy Zone (Zone A) 
Brilliant Art Toy Zone (Zone B) 
The Brilliant Art Toy Zone showcases eight brilliant art toy designers, some of them are emerging designers. Their splendid works elaborate the vibrant creativity of the newest generation of Hong Kong art toy brands. The eight contemporary exhibition spaces lead an immersive experience along the exhibiting designers’ paths of design and success. 
Classic Art Toy Zone (Zone C)
The Classic Art Toy Zone guides the visitors to discover the journey of Hong Kong art toys’ development and international achievements by featuring some rare and precious exhibits that can be dated back to the 1990s. Some of them are the famous works and collector’s favourite of various most prestigious Hong Kong art toy designers, including the museum and auction-level collectibles of the forerunners such as “Amazing Twins”, “Brothersfree”, and “Michael Lau”. This zone also exhibits some posters, videos, magazines and different peripherals of high historical value to highlight the significant milestones of Hong Kong art toy going global.  
Discovery Zone (Zone D)
In addition to showcasing their original art toys, some of the participating Hong Kong designers will appear in the exhibition site in Bangkok during the two weekends of the exhibition period to participate in a series of extended activities, including talks, autograph sessions, and Art Battle, etc. An AR interactive photography area connecting virtual and real scenes is also set up to bring more interactive elements to the exhibition so that visitors can share their photos taken with the exhibiting art toy characters on social media platforms and win fabulous souvenirs dedicated by the participating art toy designers and the organiser from the giant size toy capsule machine
Event Schedule
Curator’s Message

Art Toy has been a hot topic in recent years. Many illustrators, designers, and toy makers have produced many classic Art Toys that have swept the market lately. Many friends and toy fans around the world undoubtedly stated that today’s Art Toys were first cultivated in Hong Kong in the late 1990s. Upon continual advances and development, Art Toys have become well-liked again in recent years.

I still remember that in 2001, Brothersfree displayed a series of figures featuring the theme of road maintenance workers in Japan, which promptly became an international famous brand and one of the legendary works in Hong Kong Art Toy History. During this period, the well-established Art Toy forerunners such as Michael LauEric SoAmazing Twins, etc., launched a number of collectible works in different styles that are admired internationally, and the trend of Art Toy has thrived globally. Designers of different generations, inheriting the innovation and enthusiasm of the forerunners for Art Toy, make Hong Kong Art Toy flourish again.

"Let’s Unbox! 2022 Hong Kong Art Toy Story Exhibition, Thailand Chapter" invites general public to UNBOX the attractiveness of Art Toys; appreciation of the artistic creativity and joyfulness of Art Toys; understanding of the unique value of Art Toys and experiencing the original stories of Hong Kong Art Toy. 

The exhibition provides multi-media experiences, ranging from three-dimensional Art Toy, graphic illustrations, dynamic videos and interactive games. It brings together a number of distinctive and influential Hong Kong designers, showcasing a diversity of original Art Toy, design sketches, and creative works in related content, so that everyone can fully understand the design concepts and individual brand stories.

We will have strong desire on Art Toy when we can hold and view it, we will appreciate the entire design concept and details carefully, and appreciate its uniqueness, of course, the most important thing is to find the "playfulness" of Art Toy. The exhibition will be divided into different exhibition zones, showcasing the specially selected works of the top-notched, the most fashionable, the most distinctive as well as the most promising Art Toy designers. The exhibiting pieces including the works of emerging designers, namely:


· Pucky's illusory elf-land, literary and artistic works, are deeply admired by the majority of Art Toys fans.

· On the basis of Chinese supernatural zombie culture, Spooky Work redefines with the new era zombie outlook of "Zombie Zero".

· Ah Kuan Ye's mechanical warrior outlook exhibits the traditional lion dance culture.

· Felix Ip rides on hardcore robot elements, alters a series of significant Icons in Hong Kong.

· Pat Lee takes our shared childhood memories and infuses creative ideas to design breath-taking timeless innovations.

· Ryan Lee's creativity based on fitness, creates cute yet interesting figures relating to the fitness theme, which can be said as a Crossover of fitness culture and Art Toy culture, and the effect is enthralling.

· Ape Production, which is Winson Ma's succeeding work after Iron Man brothers. The ape-man element, advocates environmental protection and cares about the earth, and constructs an exclusive ape universe. He inherited the masterpieces that kicked-off Hong Kong's Art Toys culture more than 20 years ago.


· Art Toys can be adaptable in different forms, just like the hot-selling girl figure created by Ma Fai. Its loveable outlook complements with an extensive usage of girl figure’s personalized accessories and outfits, enhancing the owners and collectors’ level of experience and joyfulness.

· Steven Choi's romantic and poetic style creates a three-dimensional poem for Art Toy.

· Mickey Mic, who likes mysticism, created Nyan (Burmese, meaning wisdom) around the theme of the universe. Is it an astronaut with a Buddha expression, or a Buddha in the outlook of an astronaut? Please judge for yourself.

· Miloza Ma, who is also famous for pursuing the mysteries of the universe, brings out his thoughts and ideas in a psychedelic yet endearing style through pastel paint and unique cartoon characters.

· Nikopicto's Hug the Killer makes you wonder, is he really happy to meet you or you're just his dinner? The hug killer understands that while you are holding these doubts, you also find yourself slowly stepping into the hug. What is the truth? You will never find out the answer.

· Kevin advocates the message of animal protection with Husky. Over the years, he has created many exciting Art Toys and is also active in the licensing industry.

· Jeffery Yau hopes to continue to enjoy the happiness of toy creation with his favorite theme through Bigclawx.

· Flying Sofye created by Lam Pei, its exceptional appearance enhances personality to her Art Toy.

In addition, the "Classic Art Toy Zone" displays valuable information about the origin and development of Hong Kong's Art Toys, and the audience can also appreciate the works of top-notched masters. In this exhibition, one can feel the creative spirit of Hong Kong. Additionally, a variety of exciting activities including talks by Art Toys designers, Autograph Sessions, Art Battle, and interactive AR (augmented reality) photo-shooting areas will be held in the "Discovery Zone".

Conclusively, we wish this exhibition can enhance public awareness of the trendsetting Art Toys in these years. Upon deeper understanding on the creation, the audience can appreciate and enjoy the ingenuity and playfulness of the Art Toy more, so that everyone can continue to explore the joy and fun of Art Toy.